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The NATCA bulletin board system (BBS) is an online system aimed at a general Membership audience. Its purpose is to exchange messages and information with other Members.

Criticizing ideas and opinions is a normal process of debate and each Member should expect to have ideas challenged. However, personal attacks such as denigration of another person's character or value do not serve the interests of the Union.

To post on the NATCA BBS, participants must agree to the following:

§ Postings by NATCA BBS participants are recognized as the sentiments of the individual NATCA BBS participants and, unless expressly identified as such by an officer or other agent with authority for making the attribution, not those of NATCA.

§ NATCA BBS participants may not post messages or other material which NATCA determines is discriminatory, offensive, obscene, libelous, threatening, harassing, or intimidating.

§ NATCA BBS participants must respect another person or entity's copyrights, including but not limited to other web sites, media, etc. NATCA will not indemnify or hold harmless any BBS participant for copyright infringement.

§ NATCA BBS participants may not forward or disseminate postings on the NATCA BBS unless they: (1) are a Facility Representative disseminating information directly from a national officer or the national office to NATCA members within their Local; (2) are a national committee member or NATCA employee disseminating information to other committee members, national officers, or NATCA employees if forwarding that post will promote the mission of the committee or department; or (3) receive approval from the National Executive Board (NEB) or each author within a post. At no time may NATCA BBS participants remove the BBS disclaimer when forwarding any emails received via the BBS.

§ NATCA, acting through the National Communication Committee and BBS moderators, retains the right to remove any post which the organization determines to be discriminatory, offensive, obscene, libelous, threatening, harassing, intimidating, spam, or a violation of copyright protections.

§ Failure to comply with any of the provisions outlined herein will lead to a warning by email and potential revocation of privileges.

§ NATCA BBS participants warned for a second and third offense shall have their NATCA BBS privileges revoked for seven (7) and thirty (30) days respectively. A NATCA BBS participant's NATCA BBS privileges shall be permanently revoked upon the fourth violation of the NATCA BBS policy.

§ NATCA Members who are selected for FAA management positions will be immediately denied access to the NATCA BBS.

NATCA BBS participants may appeal any determination by a BBS moderator to remove a post to the NATCA National Communication Committee, which must render a determination within seven (7) days of the appeal.

NATCA Members may appeal any revocation of NATCA BBS privileges for thirty (30) days or more to the NEB through the Member's NATCA Regional Vice President.

NATCA Members whose NATCA BBS privileges were permanently revoked may, after one year, apply to the NEB for reinstatement to the NATCA BBS through the Member's respective Regional Vice President.

Posting to the NATCA BBS after March 1, 2007 constitutes your agreement to comply with all provisions contained herein.

NEB BBS Action

November 2, 2008

Earlier this month, the judge presiding over the Gilding v. Carr et al. lawsuit pending in Arizona state court granted the plaintiff’s motion to allow NATCA to be named as an additional defendant in the suit. As a result of this occurrence and in order to protect the legal position of the Union in this case, the NEB has decided to take the following action concerning postings on the NATCA BBS:

(1) Any and all posts discussing the substance of the suit will be immediately removed from the BBS (including any and all such posts previously made on the BBS). A post will be considered to be discussing the substance of the suit if, among other things, it contains any statements concerning the underlying facts of the case, the nature of the claims asserted by the plaintiff, the defenses asserted by the defendants; and/or the grounds for any motions or other pleadings planned or submitted in the case.

(2) Any member whose posts on the BBS include a discussion of the substance of the suit subsequent to publication of these changes will be considered to be in violation of the BBS policy and subject to appropriate sanctions; and

(3) The email forwarding feature of the BBS will be shut off effective November 3, 2008 in order to minimize the chance of any posts discussing the substance of the suit from being forwarded before the moderators have had a chance to remove such posts.

The NEB’s decision to take these immediate actions concerning NATCA’s BBS is the result of its intention to preclude any and all statements, allegations, theories, or speculation that may be contrary to the legal position of the Union from being publicized in a forum which is accessible to counsel for the plaintiff and/or subject to discovery.